Candle Magic - Artist Editions
Martin Howse - Princess Diana
Olaf Borchard - Bjork
Marcel Petry - Josh Homme vs Bugs Bunny
Hello The Mushroom - Princess Diana
Mario de Vega - Santa Claus
Sabrina Basten - Christian Slater
Nandor Angstenberger - Andy Warhol
Alice Cannava - Grace Jones
Christel Fetzer - David Bowie
Peter Flemming - Chewbacca
Valie Djordjevic - Hedy Lamarr
Florian Breetzke - Peter Griffin
House of Hamelin invites selected Artists to design one edition of candle magic.
The only premises are, that the artwork has to include a celebrity and an affirmation. Each Edition is limited to 5 candles.
You can purchase them via our online shop.
Click on the designs below and it will lead you directly to their individual description on our online shop page.

Candle Magic Ceremony:
Candle Magic has been around for many, many years. It is a very powerful form of sympathetic magic.
First of all you will want to find an appropriate place for your magic jewel,- a place where it will not be disturbed.
Do not choose a place where there is a disturbance of any kind. Candle magic should always be performed in a low traffic area.
When lighting it, hold the candle firmly in one of your hands and concentrate on what you wish to achieve.
If you have to extinguish the flame, never blow it out just randomly. While holding the candle, suffocate it with a lid.
Allow the candle to burn out completely. When the candle has burned out completely, dispose of it, rather than saving it to use again for another working.

A magic candle by House of Hamelin is charged with a specially selected Celebrity Spirit. It is highly powerful and used to gain quick
results. Each candle hosts a celebrity to help you in achieving whatever you wish. Candle magic is just the right tool for getting
what you want "right now."
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