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Digital Collage
Celebrity Tarot Deck is conceived as a translation of Aleister Crowleys infamous Thoth Tarot into an ephemeral and superficial world of paparazzi and celebrity phenomena.

All 78 cards of the traditional deck, including their ancient and deep-rooted symbols, star signs and planets, have been systematically translated into a contemporary celebrity context.

Through a simple, yet precise divination ritual, each selected celebrity "chose" their respective character/position in the new deck. Online gossip imagery, -an infinite source of inspiration and production, has been digitally altered and re-composed.

The resulting collages exhibit novel and amusing interpretations and divinations. Each celebrity transcends into a novel world of symbols and signs, while their highly superficial and clich├ęd public image render the traditional tarot world into mere absurdity. Every card and its according divination represent the artists' own reflections and interpretations of the public celebrity image.
Boxed Set:
78 cards and booklet. Card size 10x15cm.
Each card is also a unique, handcrafted Lightbox. 70 x 100 cm.
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"I always thought I should be treated like a star."
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